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Click link at bottom of this page to select the Full Capability Predictor or the 30 day Free Trial. The Free Trial Version has all of the analytical capability, but the data is fixed. This eliminates the task of data entry, facilitating a quick demonstration of the  ability of Predictor to rapidly compare forecasts of future fees using alternative funding methods, such as assessments, 13th months, fixed term debt, credit lines, or any combination of these approaches with or without fee increases. The comparative forecasts keep the Association from "flying blind" and create the ability to manage the level of future fees.

System Requirements:  Hardware can be either 32 or 64 bit. Windows  7,8, or 10. Excel 2013 or later. . 

License Agreement: Both products are proprietary software, Transferring either application from one computer to another is prohibited.

Product Description: Predictor is an Excel based Windows application designed to be opened as a program. . Launching Predictor from an Excel workbook will not work.

Customer Information: In the ordering process, when asked for "‘Company"’, if you are a condominium or homeowner association, enter the name of the Association. Completing the Billing Information (name/address/etc) is required but if the Free Trial is selected, a credit card will subsequently not be required..

Certification: Predictor is hosted by Shopify and has been certified as safe.  

Caution:  The Cart can hold only one of either Product in a single order. The most recent order often stays in the cart so If the cart does not reflect your intended order, before proceeding to the procurement page, locate the "Return to Cart" link, clear the quantity to zero, and return to this page to resubmit your order.

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