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Select either the Full Capability Predictor or the Free Trial. The Free Trial Version has all of the analytical capability, but the data is fixed. This eliminates the task of data entry, providing quick access to the power of Predictor and facilitates the process of becoming familiar with the system. The Free Trial will stop functioning after approximately 45 days.

System Requirements: Windows 7 or newer; Excel 2007 or later.

License Agreement: Both products are proprietary software, so transferring either application from one computer to another is prohibited.

Product Description: Predictor is a Windows application based on EXCEL and is designed to be opened as a program. Upon installation, an icon will appear on the START menu (if there is room; if not it will be under Other Programs). Launching Predictor from an Excel workbook will not work.

Customer Information: On the customer information page when asked for ‘Company’, if you are a condominium or homeowner association, enter the name of the association. You must complete the Billing Information, but if you select the Free Trial, a credit card will subsequently not be required.

Implementation Recommendations:

  • Since the system is proprietary software not transferable between computers, plan ahead as to what computer it will reside on before buying and downloading the full capability Predictor.
  • In most cases, Predictor will become an organizational resource and not a personal resource. This is likely to not be a problem for property managers or for those companies involved in capital reserve studies, but may be an issue for Condominium or Homeowner Associations. One approach would be to have a member donate a laptop that meets the technical requirements but is about to be replaced, and have that laptop belong to the Association for use by the Board.
  • Email Address: Be sure to enter you e-mail address accurately as it will be used to forward your license.

Third Party Relationships: Predictor is hosted by Shopify web servers and is supported by Amazon Web Services. It is certified by DigiCert.

Program Updates: Minor changes that do not alter the functionality and are restricted to cosmetics or clarifications to instructions are likely. Such updates are planned to be provided at no additional cost.

Product Selection
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